All The Buzz Best Of Beauty Challenge Week 2 - Hair Heros

Hey my lovelies!
Another Thursday another BOB challenge post!! I can't even begin to describe how exciting it was seeing my Twitter go crazy with the link sharing of everyone's posts last Thursday! 
More of that please, that's why I love the Irish beauty blogging community so much!
Anyways, back to business! This weeks post is Hair Heros, this is something I am a little better at than skincare!

First up, a good shampoo & conditioner is essential! I go between two.. After my hair is freshly coloured I use Mane n Tails's Shampoo & Conditioner for Colour Treated hair (which I did a review on before RIGHT HERE!!). This stuff is amazing, it is gentle on hair dyed hair but seems to strengthen my locks. I definitely will be looking into other Mane n Tail products!

Then, when my hair is in between colours I use any shampoo & conditioner from the vo5 range. As my hair is in dire need of a cut it's a bit fine & limp at mine so I am using this duo which gives it a little help in the volume department!

After washing & a towel dry I use Revlon Equave Phase 2 Leave in Conditioner when my hair needs more hydration. 
This stuff smells really good & does wonders for dry brittle hair!

For hair treatments I am loving Orofluido oil (which my gorgeous Irish Beauty Blogger Secret Santa Sharon gave me - thanks lady!! Check out her blog Behind Green Eyes) as a tiny penny sized drop rubbed in the ends nourishes the hair strands & helps with split ends!

For styling I am currently on a big textured tousled spree and I am using Tigi Sugar Shock (smells amazing by the way, sweet but not over powering!)
This stuff sprayed into dried hair gives it volume and texture - I would use it on day washed hair to give it a bit of life & revive the limpness!

I am also trying to use my straightners less to save my hair being fried so the days I need a curl to hold I use this mousse - I love it as it doesn't leave your hair that rock hard feeling you get from some curling mousses?

So there you have my hair heroes!
Have you tried any of these products?
What did you think of them?

Until next post 
Take care
Sarah xx


  1. I use that revlon leave in conditioner when I colour my hair, great to add extra moisture. I've the v05 heat protentant on my list, always a winner with me.the tigi sugar shock sounds brilliant, haven't seen that on any one else's list, will have to check that out ;) x

  2. I used to love that revlon equave, must go looking for it again! x

  3. Brilliant choices, I pretty much love all of these too!! The L'oreal curl power mousse is fab! xx

  4. I've never heard of that bed head product before, but now that I have.... ;)

  5. Ooh I want that Sugar Shock stuff it sounds very interesting!

  6. My old hair dresser used to use that Revlon spray on my hair and it felt great, but I haven't been to her in aages... I must see if I can snag a bottle to use at home.

  7. Love the look of that Sugar Shock! Would love to try that!

    alex @

  8. I haven't tried any of these, Mane N Tail gets a lot of great reviews from other bloggers too. :-)

  9. Love the smell of Equave! Its what my hairdresser uses whenever I'm in getting my hair done, and its gorgeous! I've really curly hair too and the L'Oreal Mousse is the only one that will actually hold a curl without leaving my hair rockhard! x

  10. I love that Mane n' Tail Shampoo, haven't tried the conditioner in that range though. Love the sound of Revlon Equave Phase 2 Leave in Conditioner, my hair always needs one of these x

  11. I have Mane n Tail in mine too, nice range of products here Sarah!

  12. I haven't tried any of these products but I've wanted to try the Orofluido oil for the longest time, I'm putting it on my wish list alongside everything else I've seen until now... See u around ;)

  13. Fab range of products! The VO5 shampoo is going in my trolly this week… my hairs sounds similar to yours… needs lots of foofing! x


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