All the Buzz BOBChallenge Week 3 - Make up Must Haves

Hey lovelies,
Hope you are all having a great week! Thank crunchie its nearly Friday is all I am saying... been a crazy week (hence why there are no posts in between BOB Challenge posts.. I am sorry!) 
I am off to see my little sister this Saturday in Le Havre so I am busy packing to grab a 6.05am..and yes Sephora will be hit hard! I haven't seen her since she headed back to work in January, only after the odd Skype so will be awesome to see her..and I HOPE *fingers crossed* that I will have my Week 4 post ready to go when I get home.. *ehem* (I am working on the organisational skills, honest!)

So, this week is Makeup Must Haves, the essentials that I have to have in my makeup bag or I would be lost! (can't wait to read everyone else's post on this! I have been loving this challenge, my wishlist is jam packed now!)

On to the first item & that is LIP CRAYONS!!! I am usually not too fussed on the brand of crayon, they all have their positives & negatives- Catrice do amazingly good quality for the price, Revlon do amazingly awesome matte crayons.. But I would be lost without my trusty crayons!

Next is a good matte brown & a thin slanted brush to do the brows. In my love for makeup my discovery of how necessary a good eyebrow is is relatively new.. I have reviews the Beautiful Brow kit but I am also loving this brow set from Sigma. It's got two shades for the brows, giving it a more natural finish. 

A good mascara is hard to find, and when I tried the Kardashian mascara set I didn't expect wonders but boy was I wrong! 
My favourite one is their Quickie mascara as it gives volume AND length to my poor wee peeper's lashes!!

Finally, regardless of what foundation I use I need a good translucent powder, my skin is an oil rig so this Catrice one is cheap as chips & works a treat!

So there you have it! What are your makeup must haves? 
Until next post

Sarah xx


  1. I've just started getting into lip crayons, your bunch have me itching to go buy some lol and wow, love Catrice but never even glanced at their powder. Must investigate further. Great post Lady :) x

  2. Nice picks! I know I tried a primer from Catrice and didn’t get along with it! But that powder sounds good!

  3. oh the catrice powder, forgot about that, so good for setting concealer and getting rid of any shine throughout the day ;) x

  4. Ooooh Kardashian mascara.. *drools* this challenge is getting VERY expensive! x

  5. Good picks must try that Catrice powder!

  6. I love lip crayons too, the Bourjois Color Boost lip crayon is one of my make up must haves :-)

  7. Great pics! I love those crayons too, I'm not much of a lippy kind of gal but they feel more like a balm than a lipstick.

  8. Lip crayons are great aren't that? Great for on the go when you don't have a mirror also!

  9. I love me a lip crayon!! I have to try those Revlon ones

  10. great picks I love your sigma brushes. I am a huge sigma fan. I need to get my hands on those lip crayons

  11. I love lip crayons they are so easy to apply and they are not messy either. Revlon are my fave!
    Renee x


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