All The Buzz Best of Beauty Challenge Week 6 Best Beauty Budget Bargain

Hey my lovelies!!
Hope you are all having a good week.. I for one am glad it's nearly the weekend, been a mad week!
This weeks BOB Challenge topic is Budget Bargains, a personal favourite of mine as I am a trainee on a monthly wage so I ain't too flash with the cash so I feel like some "drugstore" brands are more attainable but still have some great quality behind the teeny price tag!
There are so many contenders for this post but I will be reviewing some of them in the next couple of weeks/posts so I picked THIS amazing Rimmel lippie to show you....

This baby is Rimmel London's Heather Shimmer, no.66 in their Lasting Finish lipstick line.

It is a gorgeous brown with a hint of purple & looks amazing on everyone, it really is one of those universal lipstick shades. It has a slightly drying formula but a little lip balm before applying sorts that right out & its crazy pigmented AND buildable to get a slightly darker shade.
This lipstick is real old school, but I think if something has stuck around for this long then it must be doing something right!!

Also, I have heard that Kate Moss herself was a HUGE fan of this this colour (good enough for her, good enough for me!!)

(Sorry about the spots.. Skin is woeful at the minute!!)

Best thing about this? its € yeah, you heard me!!

So there you have my budget bargain!! Have you tried this lippie?
What are YOUR budget beauty buys!!

Thank you for reading!!
Until next post, take care
Sarah xx



  1. I used to use this when I was a teenager, it's a very flattering shade :-)

    My budget beauty buy is the Vichy Normaderm 3 In 1 Cleanser + Scrub + Mask.


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