This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray!

Hey my lovelies!
Hope you are all having a good week. I am back from a wee break of blogging (sorry about the blog silence m'dear, if ye missed me at all!) and hopefully I will get back into a routine of regular posts again soon!

So, this post is a wee review on This Work's Deep Sleep Pillow Spray that I was generously sent by the loverly folk at This Works when I had been saying on Twitter that I was finding it difficult to get to sleep.

I have ALWAYS been a night owl but between exam stress and work responsibilities increasing I was starting to become a bit of an insomniac & when you are sleep deprived your whole body suffers, even my skin was breaking out. So I was excited to try this & see how it helped after hearing so many other lovely Irish beauty bloggers saying this stuff was a God-send.

Firstly, the smell alone is so calming & soothing that I would probably purchase again purely for its stress busting properties even if it hadn't done exactly what it said on the tin (or rather know what I mean!). It is jam packed full of lavender, vetivert and wild camomile and smells divine!
But did it help me sleep? The cynic in me approached with caution but I can definitely say that this wee pillow spray is a miracle worker! Along with a healthier approach to bed time (NO caffeine after 6pm, phone is left AWAY from me, on silent & plane mode and only relaxing music is allowed!) I have slept like a log since starting using it. I was the kind of person that even when I finally did nod off I would be very restless & broken pattern. But the Pillow Spray helps me drift off into a deep, undisturbed snooze until my alarm goes off! Brilliant stuff!

Also, you need not just take my word for it! There are scientific studies behind this product stating its success. On the This Works website it states:
This Works' independently tested 217 participants with sleep issues (age 12+) to compare the performance of deep sleep pillow spray with a placebo (synthetic lavender). Here are the results:83% "I fell asleep faster"
78% "I had a deeper sleep"
80% "I felt less tired in the morning"
85% "I felt less anxious about trying to get to sleep" 

For me though the proof is in the pudding!
A 75ml bottle of this will set you back €19.50 but it lasts AGES as you only need a wee squirt (trust me, a little goes A LONG WAY!)
I definitely will re-purchase this and will be trying out the Deep Sleep Cream along with it!
Have you tried it & what do you think of it?

Talk soon my lovelies
Sarah xx


  1. It sounds great, Sarah. I'm glad it worked for you, sleep is so important. Mine is still all over the place but not too bad, I think I've just gotten used to 2-3 hour chunks! Good to see you back xxx

  2. Great to see you back blogging Sarah!


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