Autumn/Winter Wishlist

Hey my lovelies!!
I am so sorry been quiet on the blog... no excuse but work has been getting crazy & I can't seem to be a good blogger & be prepared in advance... maybe when it quietens down in the office I will get a wee headstart (says the queen of procrastination!!)

Anyways, this wee post is a quick wishlist post! I love these posts, I think it is a great way of *ehem* enabling others (you are welcome! hehe!)

First up, the Hourglass Blush palette... do I even need to explain why it is on the wishlist?!

Picture is from the gorgeous Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog who did swatches and the works... isn't it stunning?!
Pssst... by the way... its now available for pre-order on space.nk!! I MAY have placed a sneaky wee buy.. but shhhh!!

Next up on the list is the Vice 3 palette from Urban Decay... I have the other two Vice palettes, and I LOVE both of them... the quality of Urban Decay shadows is second to none & I am really loving the bright colours in this one.. It is a very different palette from the other two (so naturally, its ok to buy, right?!)
(pictures here are from the loverly Xsparkage - have you seen her wee baby Violet?! SO cute!)


I missed the Lorac Mega Pro Palette from sitting around debating should I shouldn't I too long so I will be definitely picking this up as soon as it hits Debenhams!!

Finally, last on my wishlist (for now, as you know yourself, its a constant craving we beauty lovers have!) is the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks.. I cannot begin to try & decide which one.. the Matte formulation looks interesting but I have heard BIG things about the K.I.S.S.I.N.G formulation!
Aren't they gorgeous?!

So there you have a (brief!) wishlist of mine.. I will be back in the coming days/weeks with some new blog posts I promise! I miss the chats with you lovelies!!

Until next time, take care!


  1. I can't decide wether to invest in the hourglass palette, think I'll wait to see what all my irishbbloggers think!

  2. Brilliant wishlist - the hourglass palette is definitely on mine too!!

  3. I will have a wee review of it when mine arrives!! Excited to get it!!!


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