Easy Nail Art from The Body Shop!

Hey folks!
Hope you are all doing well! Sorry I have been a little quiet on social media & my blog posts are a little sporadic, it's tax return season so I am doing 8am-9pm days.. Has to be done! 
Anyways, on to brighter things! On my Instagram the other night I posted this snap:

So what better way to tell you about the amazing (relatively new, sorry only blogging about them now though!) Body Shop Colour Crush nail polishes!
I was lucky enough to be sent a parcel of goodies a few weeks ago so I cracked them open for a little pampering the other night.

Along with the polishes I was sent the nifty wee Body Shop nail art tool! 

This tool makes nail art easier for even the most unartistic (like myself!). It has a side for dotting & another side for lines! Really handy eh?!

So, how did I do the nail art?

STEP 1: Firstly, I painted my nails in the gorgeous "Mint Cream". This colour is a really pretty pastel minty colour!

STEP 2: When that is all dried, using the "dotting" side of the tool I dipped it into the coral pink polish "Rosy Cheeks" & used this for the "petals" - TOP TIP, don't overload the nib of the dotting pen with too much polish or the petal will be more of a splodge!

STEP 3: Clean the dotting tool & using the red polish in "Red my Mind" I applied a dot for the flower centre!

STEP 4: Using the other side of the nail art tool, the line side I dipped it into the olive shade "Hemp Over Heels" and gently drew the stem line - practise makes perfect on this step as too much pressure can scrape the other polish off your nail

STEP 5: Finally, back to the dotting side, I dipped it into the dark green shade "The Body Shop Green" (quite possibly my favourite colour, such a strong green!) and used this to make the leaves!

So, there you have it!! Flower nail art in 5 simple steps! I know its a bit on the rough side but for me this is HUGE & with some practise I know the flower drawing will come along "blooming" marvelously (hehe!)

These polishes come in 24 different colours, dry impressively fast (this nail art only took me 10 mins in total!) and are a steal at €7.50 a bottle!

Have you tried The Body Shop Colour Crush polishes yet?! Share your nail art ideas with me too, I love to hear easy designs to try out!

Until next post lovely readers,
Take care!
Sarah xx


  1. Great post walked past a Body Shop the other day and noticed all their polishes, will definitely have to pop in and give them a try.

  2. I haven't tried any Body Shop nail colours but these look lush!



  3. Thanks for the comments ladies!! They are brilliant polishes, and so many colours in the range!! I have my eye on a purple one next!!

    <3 Sarah xz


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