Lovin' it! Christmas Edition

Hey my lovelies! 
Not long now till Christmas!! Not that I am counting but it is 2 days and 22 hours as I am posting this!
Myself & Simon are on a wee Christmas break in Dublin so booked 2 days off work to start my holidays a wee bit earlier (much need, I was getting major stressed out!)
Anyways, enough yapping, this is just a quick post on some stuff I have been loving in the run up to Christmas to get me feeling festive!

First up.. My awesome cherry blossom fairy lights!! Aren't they amaze balls?! I was gifted these about 4 years ago but I am sure there are lights like these about.. They really help me unwind before bedtime & are all year round lights which I love!

Next up.. My wee Christmas bonsai LED tree! Perfect to decorate your bedroom to give it a festive feel without having to go all out!

Tis the season for red lipstick, glitter & falsies so I have been loving trying out different looks! This is my work Christmas party look I tried out Friday.. And it last from 6pm til 12am, not bad??

Finally, I have been loving this acapela group I discovered on Spotify- then checked out on YouTube! Their Christmas songs are just brilliant, the talent is something else- all without using any other instrument other than their voices?! Check them out, for reals!!

That's my Christmassy loving it post! Hope your Christmas prep is running smoothly, have you all your presents got yet? 
Until next post, take care lovelies 

Sarah xx 


  1. Those lights on the bed are gorgeous! Pentatonix are amazing. Can't wait to see their bit in Pitch Perfect 2. I hope you have a great Christmas!

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart


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