First Impressions - Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows & Palette

Hey ladies!!
Hope you are all relaxing for the weekend - being kind to yourself with the feet up & a cuppa! Aren't Saturdays & Sundays the fastest days of the week?!
Anyways, I am going to get cracking over the next few weeks on planning blog posts, an unoffical resolution of sorts (I know, I know.. A month late but better late than never??)
First up I am going to have a quick wee chat about my first Inglot palette which I got over the Christmas in Blanchcerstown

I got the 5 palette, and this came to 
Isn't it a thing a beauty?! Firstly, there isn't a dud in the bunch, I swatches so so many shadows when choosing my 5 & they were all so pigmented & creamy!

Here are close ups of my shadows with swatches:

This is 12. It reminds me of MAC's Cranberry!

This is 153, a shimmery taupe shade. 

This is 34, a muted shimmery gold. This will look stunning with the first cranberry shade.

 This intense green is 446

This full on purple is 4466. I added this and the green to try some of Inglot's full on colours as I know their muted nudes and golden colours will look great combined with these!

So here are the swatches! I am so impressed with the pigmentation of these, I know I will be getting another Inglot palette for sure next time I am near one- any fellow bloggers got suggestions for a good combination of shadows?!

Until next post my lovelies,
Take care

Sarah xx