MAC & MILEY - Viva la Glam!!

Hey folks,
It's spring!!! I love seeing the stretch in the evenings & some warmth! Hope you all are having an awesome day!!
This post is a wee look at MAC's collab with Miley Cyrus for their next instalment of the Viva Glam range. 

It is a proper magenta pink- MAC describe it as a hot pink.

It is a creamy formula, which means the lasting power isn't as long as some of MACs mattes but it isn't too shabby! These retail for €19.50 with the full retail price less VAT going to the MAC AIDS fund, an extremely worthy cause! Looking good while helping our? That's something I can get on board with!

So what do you think of this collab? Face you tried the lipstick € what do you make of it? And what is your favourite VIVA GLAM collab?

Until next post,
Take care lovelies!
Sarah x


  1. I like the colour on other people but I don't think it's one that I would wear! I love the collaborations though, think the Gaga ones were my favourite colour wise. Can't wait to see who they work with next! You look gorgeous x


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